How to Pick The Right Shingle Color For Your Home

Pick the Right Shingle Color for Your Home

In our business of replacing storm damaged roofs, repairing worn out shingles, or just completely replacing an old roof with a brand new one, we often get this question, “What is the best color shingle for my home?” Many times when we are working with our clients they will tell us, “oh just put back whatever is up there now”. What a waste of an opportunity!

A roof color or style can absolutely change the total curb appeal of the house or light commercial building that you are living or working in. The color of shingle can be changed to better show different tones and colors in the siding, stone or brick of the exterior. Think of the old black or gray business suit that is so mundane. If you put the right shirt, tie and shoes with it you can really jazz it up a bit.

The same holds true with a roof. If you have great architectural features with your home but a boring old standard run of the mill builders grade shingle you are doing a disservice to the property. Put a more architectural friendly shingle or system with it to enhance the beauty, value and desirability of the home or building.

IF you have an earth tone exterior and a boring old earth tone shingle then there won’t be much contrast and very little pop and eye appeal with the property. Even if your HOA bi laws insist on a boring shingle color there are variations from one brand to the next and other ways to dress it up just as there are that old black or gray suit.

A new roof is a great time to update windows, gutters and paint fascia trim and soffit trim as well.

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