Level 1 GC Roofing Process

Why We Are Different

hail damage roofsWhat makes our re-roofing process different is simply our attention to detail, and keeping on top of things at the job site. With any construction project there can be a lot of things happening, and sometimes all at once. Whether your project is residential, or commercial; here at Level 1 General Construction we will handle it with care and precision.


  1. We have supervisors or project managers closely involved with every job. Starting with the material delivery, through the final clean up at the end.
  2.  To ensure every job goes as smoothly as possible, we follow a “first one on job, last one off job” mentality; to be present throughout the construction process, and ensure all processes and procedures are followed.
  3. We “inspect what we expect” to ensure all work is complete and satisfactory.

Pre – Construction

Every job is different, and we have simple and effective procedures that help to ensure the job goes over smoothly. We do our best to tackle any potential problems before we begin.


  1. Before any work begins we inspect the driveway and landscaping for any problem areas.
  2. We inspect the attic before construction begins and insure we won’t hit any AC lines, gas lines or water lines and that everything is at least 3 inches off the deck as it should be per IBC.
  3. We make sure that all vehicles that may need to be driven are out of the way so the crew doesn’t block you in.
  4. Place tarps over landscaping and plan routes to put equipment close to the home or business to catch the debris.

Tear Off

This can be a messy process, especially if multiple layers of shingles or felt are found during the tear off. Rest assured, we clean up both during the process, and perform a very thorough clean up after the new roof is installed.


  1. Remove the ridge cap and soft metal.
  2. Remove the field shingles, valley material, old flashings.
  3. Remove the drip edge.
  4. Remove the layers of felt all the way to the deck.
  5. Inspect the decking for rotten areas.


We don’t cut corners. We use quality materials, as well as a professional installation to ensure you can count on and appreciate your new roof.


  1. Replace decking as needed.
  2. Lay new materials in valleys.
  3. Lay new felt.
  4. Install new plumbing hardware and ventilation.
  5. Install new drip edge.
  6. Install new starter shingles for extra wind protection.
  7. Lay new field shingles with 110 to 130 MPH of wind protection.
  8. Install new ridge cap.
  9. Caulk any areas that require it.
  10. Paint hardware and clean up so that it looks as though we were never there!

Post Construction

This is when we do a thorough clean up. The crew will typically be cleaning throughout the day, and removes all the debris and old roof from the project. Then, we go through and double check the cleanup.
You will often times see us crawling through your bushes hunting nails, and rolling the lawn and drives with large magnets to get all of the many nails picked up! We typically do the remainder of the project after the roof goes on such as painting, windows, gutters etc. When you hire Level 1 GC for your home or commercial project, you can count on us to always get your job done.