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roofing contractorWe understand that when your home has been damaged by a storm in Addison Tx, nothing feels right. It interrupts your life, and you just want things back to normal. If you think your home or property has been damaged, call us. We are a Addison, TX roofing contractor and general construction company. We inspect your entire property (not just your roof) and identify all the damage that needs repair. Severe weather can damage fences, siding, windows, carports, patio covers, and many other items. As a general contractor instead of a roofing contractor, we are prepared to restore whatever was damaged.

We explain the insurance claims process and the evaluation procedure, help you determine whether to file a claim, and make the process easier if you do. Our experienced project managers make sure the insurance company understands your loss and restores your home the right way. If you have filed a claim and it was rejected, we can help you get a re-inspection with a qualified adjuster. No matter what you need, it all starts with a phone call.

Addison, Tx Roofing Inspection and Review

Hail-DamageWhen you call, we assign a project manager, who sets up a time to inspect your home and property. Your project manager conducts a thorough inspection and if a claim is justified, he begins to collect the information the insurance company needs. We document the damage with photos, videos, and/or notes, so there is no question regarding the severity of your loss. This practice reduces disputes and increases your chances for a fully-approved claim. We want you to receive everything you need to restore your home to its pre-damage condition. When we finish, we review our findings with you, so you have a clear picture of the damage to your property.

While we are on-site, we can also make emergency repairs to minimize further damage to your home during the claims process.

Meet The Adjuster With You

If you call us before you have an appointment with an adjuster, your project manager arranges to be present when the adjuster performs the ͞official͟ inspection. Our experience helps ensure they realize the severity of the damage and what is required for complete restoration. We know that when our project manager and the insurance adjuster agree on how much damage there is and what it takes to fix it, the rest of the process goes much more quickly and smoothly.

Review The Adjuster’s Estimate

When the adjuster writes their estimate, you receive a copy. We review it, and address any issues for work or materials that may be missing. If it becomes necessary to resort to the appraisal process or to retain the services of a public adjuster to get a fair settlement, we walk with you through that process, too. When an agreement with the insurance company is reached, the restoration work begins.

Restore Your Home

Once your claim is approved, our hand-picked subcontractors begin to restore your home to its pre-damage state. No matter how long the repair list, your project manager schedules, coordinates, and supervises the labor for you, so you don’t need to miss work, soccer games, or other important family activities. We work with your scheduling needs, and carefully follow any special instructions.

Get Back To Normal

When all the work is done, we walk with you for a final inspection of your home and the repairs, to be sure you are absolutely satisfied. The last step is to submit the information for your manufacturer’s warranty for both labor and materials, if your project is eligible. Then, you go back to your life as if nothing had happened, and we move on to the next homeowner who needs our help.

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