Roofing Repair

Roof Repair in Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding cities

Our reliable team for roofing repair in cities in and around Dallas will restore your home to its original, intact and watertight condition. After a storm, or after age has caused a problem, get it fixed now! [custom_frame_right]storm damage dallas, hail damage, hail damage roof dallas, dallas storm damage, roof contractor, hail damage dallas[/custom_frame_right]

Hail storm related damage?

  • We’ll work directly with you insurer.
  • For guaranteed roofing repair in Dallas

Things to look for after a hail storm

If your home needs roofing repair and you're in Dallas or any of the surrounding areas, contact us immediately if you see any signs of a problem. What you may think are “minor” symptoms can actually be signs of a much larger issue.
  • Damaged, missing, cracked or curled shingles following a storm
  • Watermarks on your ceilings
  • The smell of dampness or mildew in your attic
  • If your ceilings or rooftop seem to be sagging – these are indications of water saturation, which can cause collapse.

Roof Repair versus Replacement

Roofing repair can actually solve a number of problems. All-out replacement is not always necessary to fix storm damage or a leak. It may be something that can be addressed without installing an entirely new surface. Sometimes leaks occur because of worn seals surrounding skylights, vents and chimneys, and these can be replaced. Missing shingles or tiles that have become loose in wind can be replaced or re-sealed and re-secured. Leaks caused by worn, cracked or open flashing joints can often be repaired by resealing or replacing damaged components. Roofing repair in Dallas begins with evaluating the condition of your roof and pinpointing any areas of damage or developing concern.[custom_frame_right]storm damage dallas, hail storm damaged roof[/custom_frame_right]
  • Locating leaks or potential leaks is the highest priority of any repair project. The actual entry point of the water is not necessarily going to be found right above the location where the symptoms have appeared. Water often travels. If there are no obvious indications on the surface of your roof, then an inspection of your attic may uncover the problem area.
  • Sections of decking that are showing signs of wood rot will likely have to be replaced. This may seem like a big project, but when the deterioration is limited to a relatively small portion of the roofing system it is not. If a branch has crashed onto your home, a partial re-roof may be possible.
  • Shingles showing signs of distress, such as a loss of mineral granules, or curling and blistering, will be fixed based on what’s wrong. Shingles with curling corners might be tacked back down with roofing cement or nails. Blistered, scoured and missing shingles can be replaced.

The Four Common Causes of Damage

  • Weathering and Wind: Daily exposure to the sun, strong winds, rainstorms, hail and environmental pollutants take a toll. This type of damage is inevitable. We are the storm repair and insurance experts.
  • Improper Installation: Following manufacturers’ guidelines for material installation is vital to creating a long-wearing and durable roofing system. Working with an experienced and reputable contractor is the only way to avoid this type of malfunction.
  • Inconsistent Maintenance: Leaves and windblown materials must be removed to prevent moisture retention, algae growth and material breakdown. Annual and seasonal inspections and cleaning are recommended to prevent this type of damage.
  • Foot Traffic: When you have someone on your housetop, it is important that they know how to walk over your shingles and tiles without causing damage. Shingles that are damp from the rain or overheated by the sun should not be walked on. Scheduling equipment installations (such as a satellite dish) during the cooler morning hours is recommended to prevent this variety of damage.

We are bringing the calm after the storm!

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